Torus Online Test System

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Torus Online Test is an online testing solution that provides detailed results, excellent analysis, relevant progress reports, simplified student management. The tests reports made by this system help in the recruitment processes as organised by the various corporate houses time to time.

Educational Institutes

  • Weekly Tests
  • Annual Tests
  • Entrance Tests
  • Internal Tests
  • Subject Based Tests
  • Terminal Tests
  • Practice Tests

Private Tutors

  • Weekly Tests
  • Subject Based Tests
  • Course Wise Tests
  • Performance Tests

Corporate Houses

  • Recruitment Tests
  • Promotional Tests

Create Tests & Get Results

(Entrance, Internal & Recruitment Test made easy)

Salient Features:-

  • Web Based & Available WorldWide.
  • Easy Upload/Create Question Bank.
  • Simplified Candidate Management.
  • Clean Performance Report.
  • Email Notification of Results.

Salient Features:-

Enter Data

  • Group & Candidate
  • Section & Question

Create Tests

  • Create New Tests
  • Edit Or Delete Tests

Results & Reports

  • Immediate Results
  • Detaild Analysis

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